An employee using support automation

What is Support Automation?

Support automation is the use of technology to simplify how customers or employees receive help and information from a business. Support automation tools improve customer service and can be defined as helpdesks, service desks, workflows, and more. When a company starts using support automation tools, this often means that support staff are reskilled to work on more complex tasks. This leads to a better employee experience, because they no longer have to do all the redundant and repetitive tasks that the support automation took over.

High-quality support is the key to customer and employee satisfaction. That’s why many companies either hire large teams or struggle to maintain top support quality.

Support specialists are usually overwhelmed with tickets, requests, and complaints. The lack of time slows down the process and hinders customer and employee experience. While the majority of issues are quickly solvable, support experts simply don’t have the tools to handle them fast enough.

That’s where support automation comes in.

Support automation and customer experience.

Almost 90% of customers are likely to make another purchase from a company that offers a positive customer support experience. That’s why business owners are always trying to streamline the support process.

By taking advantage of support automation tools, support teams can handle tasks quicker and improve customer satisfaction. Some of the common questions and queries can be delegated to the AI-powered programs, leaving the staff to deal with complex issues that require human involvement.

The 21st-century customer expects to get immediate support across various channels. About 50% of customers say that they are likely to switch to a new brand after just one poor support experience. That’s why support automation is becoming an integral part of the customer support structure for many businesses.

Support automation and employee experience.

Well-structured employee support is the key to productivity. When employees have problems or questions, it usually keeps them from continuing their work. In many companies, the staff doesn’t know where to get answers to their questions or which person to contact to deal with a certain issue.

Meanwhile, the majority of companies have a sufficient knowledge base to get these questions answered. It just takes too long for employees to master it.

With employee support automation, it’s possible to improve employee experience tremendously. For example, an AI-powered chatbot can browse the knowledge base and find answers immediately. At the same time, it can direct the employee to an expert who can answer complex questions.

Implementing customer and employee support automation options can increase employee satisfaction rates and allow your staff to focus on core tasks without gaps in productivity.

Support automation tools.

When implementing support automation in your company, you can take advantage of a variety of different tools.

AI-powered chatbots.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses and other institutions offer their support. These programs create an opportunity for customers and employees to receive answers to their questions and solve numerous problems.

AI-powered chatbots learn from experience. They identify the most common questions, analyze interactions with customers, and ensure a smooth support process for all parties involved.

For customers: offers immediate support for all issues a customer faces and reroutes them to human team members whenever necessary.

For employees: replies to simple questions, using the company’s knowledge base. Reroutes complex questions to the right team members.

Besides the benefit of providing immediate support and making it easier for the staff to do its job, chatbots are available 24/7/365. This streamlines both customer and employee experience, allowing them to enjoy a personal pace.

CRM automation.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems can track and manage customer relationships through their entire journey. Automating the CRM allows your team to automate a variety of otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Besides data entry, contact updates, and communication details, it can empower the sales team to make the right decisions based on analytics. By collecting data across all available channels during the customer’s journey, an automated CRM system can offer a valuable insight into customer behavior.

For customers: provides insights into the best support at all stages of the customer’s journey according to their unique needs.

For employees: allows staff to focus on core tasks without hindering their overall productivity levels.

With CRM Automation, it’s possible to design an effective support system without overwhelming the existing support staff with new functions. Data collection and analytics options can provide the foundation for a proactive support system.

Workflow automation.

Automating different elements of a company’s workflows can improve both customer and employee support tremendously. You can digitalize your support process by arranging it on the cloud and giving all team members access to related aspects of their work anywhere and anytime.  

With well-designed workflows, you can answer a variety of questions before they even arise. Employees can have a clear understanding of the work structure and gain access to the necessary support tools.

For customers: provides an opportunity to get support quickly since support teams are fully equipped to process queries. 

For employees: offers access to workflow optimization tools that in turn minimize questions and productivity gaps.

With well-established workflows, it’s possible to streamline all work processes, including support automation.

The importance of support automation.

While support automation may have been optional in the past, today, it’s becoming an integral part of business operations. The importance of providing timely support to both customers and employees is overwhelming.

  • Customers expect a quick reaction from support specialists. Lack of timely or quality support is the power behind switching brands.
  • Without proactive customer support, it can be impossible to stay ahead of the competition. Almost 80% of millennials expect the support rep to know their contact details, preferences, and purchase history.
  • Personalization is the driving force behind profitability. AI-powered support tools can offer a personalized approach to each customer without human assistance.
  • With support automation, employees can focus on complex activities without losing time on manual tasks. AI-powered support tools can ensure customer satisfaction without the staff’s involvement. 

Support doesn’t need to be time-consuming, tedious, and frustrating. With support automation, it’s possible to tweak a variety of tasks while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

The takeaway.

Depending on the company’s size, the staff may have to deal with thousands of queries every day. Support automation can help both employees and customers get their questions answered timely.

Capacity offers a robust set of support automation tools. From AI-powered chatbots to advanced helpdesks, you can improve your company’s profitability while streamlining customer and employee experience.   

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