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Where AI meets HR.

The go-to for the team member journey—from onboarding, through the first 90 days, and beyond.

a human resources professional surrounded by application icons
An illustration that shows how an employee can access their documents on Capacity's Cloud Drive.

One company, one source of truth.


One of the human resource department’s many responsibilities is making sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to regulations, compliance documents, day-to-day processes, and more.

But when HR is the de facto FAQ machine, they can’t focus on the things that really matter, the reasons why they got into their field in the first place: guiding company culture and increasing team member satisfaction.

an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform when their company's next holiday is

Human resources isn’t limited in scope. Neither is Capacity.


Every other AI solution on the market focuses on specific elements of interactions between employees and HR departments. Even if an organization adopted every available tool, team members would be constantly switching between apps.

Capacity is a fully extensible, comprehensive HR solution. The entire org will enjoy round-the-clock, instant Tier 0 assistance with onboarding, training guides, career coaching, policy answers, and more, all from a single platform.

Putting the human back into HR.

Human resources should be the change center of organizations. Unfortunately, the department is bogged down with menial tasks that keep HR professionals from doing the kind of value-added work that only they can do.

With a secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform, these vital specialists will spend less time finding, updating, and sharing company knowledge, and more time ideating human-centric innovations.

an abstract illustration of a human resources professional surrounded buy application icons

Meet employees wherever their workflows take them.

Outdated intranets, “specialized” software, and slow-moving help desks act as a barrier between team members and the critical pay, benefits, and policy knowledge they need.

With Capacity’s industry standard developer platform, numerous out-of-the-box integrations, Chrome extension, and the ability to exist in nearly any interface, team members can increase their capacity—anytime, anywhere.