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Voice Biometrics Built to Amp Up Customer Service Security

Use customers’ unique voice patterns for seamless security and effortless authentication.

Effortless Authentication

Forget the interrogation. Make your customers’ authentication as easy as a single word.

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Say ‘so long’ to forgotten passwords. Simply speaking will allow customers to be authenticated and move within the IVR or continue in a live conversation with an agent.

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Enhance security via voiceprint sounds. Just like a fingerprint, no two voices are exactly alike in pattern, rhythm and speed.

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Create an intelligent approach to secure customer interaction with simple voiceprint registration and minimal input for authentication


Voice Biometrics creates seamless security—easily

A Better User Experience

Move customers to the next step with the unique sound of their voice. No more repeating answers to security questions, or rooting around for a password.

  • Safely authenticate within the IVR or with a live agent
  • Register Voiceprints in less than 5 seconds
  • Authenticate customers with a single utterance and eliminate the feeling of interrogation

State-of-the-Art Authentication

The sweet sound of security. Capacity Voice Biometrics’ state-of-the art authentication technology uses the physical and behavioral patterns of your customer’s voice to create a unique voiceprint.

Then, all future calls from the same customer are measured against their voiceprint, whether speaking with a live agent or moving through the IVR self-service system.

Cut Costs, Not CX

Reduce operational costs by cutting down on agent phone time. Avoid fraudsters and identity thieves by comparing voiceprints immediately on the call.

  • Biometric authentication is proven to reduce operational and fraud costs
  • Contain customers within the IVR for all authentication and free up your agents
  • Avoid the long security question list. Empower live agents to quickly authenticate customers through either biometric engine modality