About Us

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission at Capacity is very simple: Help teams do their best work. Our Vision for doing this is to be the central place where teams turn to for corporate information.

Our Story

It started with a desire to build something great.

We saw the artificial intelligence tsunami coming along and realized that it would intersect with the workplace soon. We noticed some fundamental shifts happening:

  • The future of work is no longer a topic for theorists. Team members expect the software they use at work to be as seamless as the software they use at home (Netflix, Instagram, etc.).
  • Companies are adopting the cloud at a rapid pace. But these new cloud-based systems of record are terrible systems of engagement.
  • The ability to ask questions within a document would fundamentally change the amount of time we spend searching for information.
  • People are sick and tired of not having an answer to the timeless question, “Who can help me with (fill in the blank)?”

These fundamental shifts were noted by Capacity CEO, David Karandish.

I started out reminiscing about all of the internal functions that I never got a chance to improve in my previous companies. Initially, I thought about building an AI for helping with the annual performance review process. But when I began talking with HR professionals, many of them lamented about their new HRIS, LMS and benefits admin integrations. I thought, what if you could build an AI platform that powers all of HR?

As I started talking with the IT Teams that supported these groups, they quickly pointed out that companies were adopting these cloud-based platforms, but the migration had been rocky at best. What if you had an enterprise-grade AI that could connect to all of your cloud-based apps? For that matter, what if it could connect to all of your cloud-based documents?

Imagine a world where an AI platform powered all of your company’s knowledge? Think of it like enterprise search, knowledge management, knowledge sharing and integrated chat combined. 

Our thesis is that if you want to help companies do their best work, you need some fundamental ingredients in your knowledge sharing approach:

The why

These solutions should be fundamentally designed to solve real problems.

The how

Artificial intelligence should power the platform from a learning, analytics and aggregation perspective.

The what

Knowledge management and knowledge sharing must be comprehensive. You need to be able to connect to your corporate apps, documents and the knowledge of your team.

The who

It’s important that knowledge sharing platforms know who the experts are.

The where

It needs to be accessible. If your company uses messaging platforms like Slack and MS Teams, great. If not, it should be in a standardized, easy-to-use solution.

The when

Most knowledge platforms fall over when they don’t have the answer. A modern knowledge platform should know when to bring in help via a human-in-the-loop.


Culture is an elusive thing because it isn’t created by edict⁠—it is created by doing. We look at a specific type of cultural fit we find valuable: 

  • We look for high achievement people with distinctively low egos.
  • We are customer-centric but we have a point of view.
  • We work very hard but we like to have fun.
  • We look for high quality of work with a healthy respect for deadlines.
  • Speed is one of our competitive advantages but so is security.
  • Proactiveness is key to succeeding but so is playing well in the sandbox.
  • We live at the intersection of technology and business.
  • We have an audacious vision and a practical set of goals.


Our Culture is distinctly Capacity. Our Values are no different:

  • We want to create amazing products.
  • We truly want to help our customers.
  • We strive to do the right thing and have fun doing it.

You get a good feel of it visiting our offices. We encourage wearing slippers in the office (cue Bert Cooper from Mad Men) because you should be as comfortable at work as you are at home.

There are no foosball tables or retro arcade games. We treat people as adults with the freedom and responsibility that comes from a place of maturity. The standing desks are clearly IKEA but the decor has a touch of street art to it. And yet at the end of the day, we want to make our customers the heroes. When we do that we create an environment where people can do their best work.

That’s our approach. It’s an ambitious play, but one that we think has the potential to change the very nature of work. 

Capacity is funded via the EQUITY.com incubator. Many of our team members volunteer at our sister EQUITY nonprofits, Create a Loop (a 501c3 teaching kids Computer Science) and Prepare.ai (a 501c3 that hosts meetups and produces a yearly AI conference).

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