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One organization.
One search engine.

Capacity’s Enterprise Search technology empowers you to painlessly search across all your company’s apps through one interface.

the capacity platform enterprise search

If you’ve searched one app, you’ve searched them all.

Capacity makes everything—captured tacit knowledge, mined documents and spreadsheets, and over 50 popular apps—instantly accessible through chat.

capacity knowledge sharing platform dental insurance plan enterprise search
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Any knowledge, anywhere.

Need a company policy from your HRIS, the status of a lead from your CRM, or the updated investor deck from your cloud drive? Just ask Capacity.

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Activated search.

Your search engine doubles as your action engine. Ask, “How many leads do I have?” and request, “Update the status of the Simmons lead to won,” all in the same place.

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Deep conversation.

With Guided Conversations, Capacity can connect to over 50 popular apps via any number of conversation points. It’s like talking to your tech stack.

Same skills, different apps.

Capacity will empower your team with the same ease of access to instant knowledge, regardless of the application.

That way, if your organization ever decides to switch to a new CRM, HRIS, cloud drive, or any other system, your teams’ user experience won’t change one bit.

capacity crm question
capacity platform security layer

A cascade of permission.

To ensure that team members are only able to access the information they should have access to, Capacity mirrors the permissions of each person in all of their applications using OAuth.

This means that if someone asks for a document or policy they shouldn’t have access to, Capacity won’t give it to them.

It also means you don’t have to manage your team members’ permissions in multiple areas—Capacity simply respects the permissions you already have in place.