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The best insurance policy is backed by AI.

For insurance and reinsurance organizations that can’t afford not to know.

Ensuring all your knowledge needs are met.

From claims services to sales to product marketing and beyond, knowledge workers have an increasing amount of information to wield. Capacity keeps it all organized.

Your team can't remember everything

For every insurance claim, there are numerous factors that affect the outcome of a settlement. With so much complexity, it can be next to impossible for adjusters to keep everything straight. With Capacity, they’ll have every answer to every possible question.

Knowledge that's alive

Connect to knowledge, wherever it’s stored, and receive instant, dynamic answers. No matter where it lives – on a webpage, in a document, or buried inside a spreadsheet – you can rest assured that the answers you’re getting are always up-to-date.

Great for your team, great for your customers.

Image showing product suite

Exceed your clients' expectations

Insurance orgs carry a bevy of policies, and each policy brings with it heaps of additional context – and your policyholders expect you to be able to recall all of it, at any time. With Capacity, you’ll be able to do just that.

Your documents have a story to tell

Our AI-powered knowledge sharing platform mines your organization’s documents, webpages, and spreadsheets, making everything instantly accessible via chat. So, stop wondering where you put the latest policy breakdown. Just ask Capacity.

Everything under one roof

Imagine, all of your organization’s knowledge – whether in your documents, spreadsheets, apps, or the minds of your team members – in one place. Everything your team needs will be at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it. They may never have to switch apps again.

An illustration that shows how Capacity only enables the right team members to see certain information.

Mitigate risks, boost rewards.

What could your reinsurance team do with instant access to critical risk exposure intel? 

When they’re making the important decisions that will mitigate financial risk, they need answers now, and they need to be confident that the information they have is up-to-date. Give them what they need to excel in their work and drive your bottom line. 

Let’s see what your team can really do.