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We’re on the same page.

Capacity’s Cobrowse allows agents to view a customer’s web browser and provide live support.

All fun, no games

The days of playing phone tag or waiting for email responses are over. Capacity’s Cobrowse feature allows agents and customers to seamlessly collaborate and get questions resolved in real-time with video and audio capabilities.

Understand your customer’s journey

Want to standout to your customers? Show them you care about their experience and understand their perspective.

With Cobrowse, your support team can provide personalized, tailored service to customers. Solve problems quickly and efficiently, all while improving customer and employee satisfaction. Your customers will appreciate your willingness to trouble-shoot alongside them.

This makes miscommunication errors a thing of the past.


Identify problems instantly

Do you ever get frustrated when you can’t see if your customers are on the right page?

Us too. Luckily, we have a solution.

Capacity’s Cobrowse allows support agents to see exactly what their customers are experiencing live. Pinpoint the porblem and troubleshoot with customers in real-time. No need to wait for a response. Provide instant feedback to resolve issues immediately and reduce handling time.

Decrease ticket time to resolve issues faster

We get it – everyone is busy. What if we told you your support team could save more time and resources while increasing customer satisfaction with Cobrowse? 

It’s a no-brainer! 

With Cobrowse, support agents can accurately show customers the solution to a problem. This minimizes misperceptions, and allows customers to be self-sufficient if similar issues arise in the future.

Security is our top priority

Rest assured, your customer’s proprietary data will be safe and secure while cobrowsing. 

Sensitive information can be blocked out from support agents so your customers can feel comfortable sharing their screen with you. 

Once implemented, support agents will not be able to access personal data from a customer’s screen while cobrowsing. Information such as social security numbers and credit card data will only be visible on the customer’s screen.