Support your UI with a helpdesk.

An AI-powered platform to help you win more customers and keep the ones you already have.

Focus on your software. We'll take care of the rest.

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about onboarding new users, supporting current users, and converting future users. That’s where Capacity comes in.

  • Eliminate software confusion.

    Capacity is there for newbies and experts alike, always ready to surface the answer they need to get back to enjoying your software.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

    Empower your users with knowledge. The more empowered they are, the more loyal they’ll be.

  • Reduce support tickets.

    Your staff works hard enough as it is. Leave the everyday FAQs to Capacity, so they can get back to innovating.

We’ve got chat down pat.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    We’ve solved the build vs. buy riddle. Your users need features only you can build. So, why not focus on building them, and leave the state-of-the-art AI, ML, and NLP to us?

  • Our platform is worth a thousand (plus) requests.

    Capacity is more than a chatbot—it’s an artificially intelligent knowledge sharing platform that keeps your users informed and happy, and your Development and Support Teams freed up to do more value-added work.

Your UI is only as good as your UX.

Capacity’s fully-extensible knowledge sharing platform will deliver the support your users need and the experience they’ve come to expect.

  • More knowledge, more superusers.

    Connect to your product’s knowledge, wherever it’s stored, and empower your users with instant, dynamic answers to their FAQs.

    No matter where it lives—on a webpage, in a document, or buried inside a spreadsheet—you can rest assured that the knowledge they’re getting is always up-to-date.

  • Support that never sleeps.

    Your software doesn’t take holidays or weekends off, and your users will need help when they need it—at all hours of the day, every day. Give them the support they expect, and give yourself and your support staff a break.