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Relevant, Attentive Call Progress Analysis

Successfully deliver real-time, personalized customer messages using Call Progress Analysis with speech recognition.

Go Beyond Auto-Dialing with High-Tech Telephony

Capacity Call Progress Analysis (CPA) uses both speech recognition and tone detection to make contact centers more efficient and effective.


Whether you’re making a small or large number of outbound calls to grow your contact centers’ outbound messaging strategy, we do it all.

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Based on our core voice activity detection technology, our CPA provides a far superior alternative to ‘energy based’ answering machine detection.

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Reduce operating costs by up to 30% with lower call volumes and reduced agent handle time using CPA’s predictive process to identify agent availability.

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By using industry standards, we made it easy for our CPA technology to integrate into your existing calling platform.


Improve Your Outbound Contact Strategy

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Process Speech at Scale with CPA

  • Advanced automated dialer with call screening capabilities
  • Harnesses voice activity detection algorithms and signal processing technology
  • Next-gen AI-powered technology interprets and distinguishes background noise from human voice
  • Maintain regulatory restriction compliance while benefiting from predictive dialing

Surpassing Speech Recognition

Go over and above predictive dialers. Our CPA recognizes speech and tone using proprietary voice activity detection technology.

Start hitting your contact center targets, knowing that your auto-dialer software is equipped to identify every call with pinpoint accuracy and deliver a full, customized message to your customers when an answering machine tone is detected.

Superior Machine Learning

Use CPA’s advanced machine learning to enable seamless differentiation between speech and non-speech in contact centers.

  • Monitors silence and speech intervals to leave a message or connect with a live agent
  • Quickly distinguishes humans from machines
  • Predicts one of four outcomes when a call is answered
  • Utilizes statistical analysis of call volume and average handling times, to begin a second call while an agent finishes the first call, minimizing idle agent time
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