AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Capacity’s knowledge base intelligently stores the knowledge that will transform your organization.

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AI-assisted knowledge base so you can stop managing and start sharing.

  • No duplicate or conflicting exchanges

    Whenever multiple answers to a single question are found in the knowledge base, Capacity provides alerts to verify which answer is correct.

  • Unmatched machine learning

    With the assistance of machine learning, you’ll know for certain whether a particular answer is accurate or unhelpful to your team members.

Newsfeed: the knowledge pulse of your organization

  • Stop guessing, starting knowing

    Finally know for certain exactly what your team wants to know with an intuitive, up-to-date newsfeed. Leverage the invaluable insights into your organization for immediate ROI.

  • Get answers to FAQs

    Seasoned team members can catch up on what their fellow team members are asking, newer team members can get instant answers to questions they didn’t even think to ask.