AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Capacity’s knowledge base intelligently stores the knowledge that will transform your organization.

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AI-assisted knowledge base so you can stop managing and start sharing.

  • No duplicate or conflicting exchanges.

    Whenever multiple answers to a single question are found in the knowledge base, Capacity provides alerts to verify which answer is correct.

  • Unmatched machine learning.

    With the assistance of machine learning, you’ll know for certain whether a particular answer is accurate or unhelpful to your team members.

Newsfeed: the knowledge pulse of your organization.

  • Stop guessing, starting knowing.

    Finally know for certain exactly what your team wants to know with an intuitive, up-to-date newsfeed. Leverage the invaluable insights into your organization for immediate ROI.

  • Get answers to FAQs.

    Seasoned team members can catch up on what their fellow team members are asking, newer team members can get instant answers to questions they didn’t even think to ask.

Your current knowledge management system is costing you.

There are quite a few excuses when it comes to answering customers’ and employees’ questions. But the bottom line is, by creating a universal knowledge base and making it easily accessible, you can help your organization navigate uncertainties, save time, and reduce spend. 

Capacity’s knowledge base is accessible through chat. All of the information that your customers, employees, or prospects need is available instantly through the AI-powered bot.

Searching online.

The first line of defense for finding information is searching online. In fact, According to Microsoft, 63% of millennials begin their customer service interactions online.

When prospective customers come to a website to find information and there isn’t an easy-to-use knowledge management system in place, they have to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, if they can’t find the information they’re looking for on your website, they will go somewhere else, which means lost customers and lost revenue.


When customers need help and they can’t find their answers online, calling is the next line of defense. Without a knowledge base, customers have to take time out of their day to make the call and experience hold times, support teams get bogged down finding the information to answer the influx of questions, and there’s an opportunity for the distribution of inconsistent answers.

Capacity’s chatbot answers hundreds of questions per week on the WCCU website and saves the organization 20% in phone bill expenses by reducing the overflow call volume. Without the chatbot, these questions would have been absorbed by the branch, which would’ve eaten up precious hours of the support staff.


When questions are sent via email, there’s no way to track statuses and it’s easy to let questions get lost in the continuous flow of the inbox, which means delayed answers. 

Capacity is automating level zero questions and processes and deflecting more than 7,000 inquiries per week for the Iredell-Statesville School District. District families are getting the support they need, and principals and other key staff are focusing their time on higher priority tasks. This school district has learned that adopting the right technology can effectively reduce spend.