Delight your customers with AI-powered support.

Don’t fret. Capacity is available 24/7/365 to do the heavy lifting for your customer support.

Customer Support teams use Capacity for:
  • Level 0 Support
  • Round-The-Clock Access
  • Superior Customer Service

Automated Tier 0 Support

Customers have a lot of the same questions, and they want answers at all hours of the day, every day—including weekends and holidays.

Give your customers the experience they deserve. Give them instant answers to their most frequently asked questions.

No questions left behind.

There are so many different places a customer can ask questions—social media outlets, email, phone—and the answers to these questions can live in so many different places, including in the minds of your team members.

Capacity makes answering questions easy. When Capacity knows the answer to a question, it will immediately share it with the customer. If Capacity doesn’t know the answer, it will reach out to a CoPilot to get it, and then remember it from that point forward.

Deploy the same information, everywhere, at the same time.

Having a centralized knowledge repository that can be shared anywhere means that no one on your team has to spend time managing or combing through multiple sources of truth.

Even better, our suite of integrations and Developer Platform allow you to bring everything else under one roof, from go-to apps to cloud drive to CRM, and beyond. That way, you can be sure that no matter where knowledge is shared, it’s always accurate and up-to-date.