AI support automation for the mortgage industry. Close more loans, faster.

Everything you need for the digital mortgage process, at your fingertips.

Lending guidelines might start to fear you.

  • Get ahead of the change

    Lending guidelines are constantly changing, making it hard to close loans as fast as you’d like. To make matters worse, most lending guideline search interfaces are slow and outdated.

  • Asked and answered

    Ask Capacity just like you would a colleague. You’ll have the right guideline in a matter of milliseconds.

  • We know who knows

    With our Expert Finder, Capacity will find the people in your organization who can give you additional context. You’ll never have to worry if the loan you’re working is in compliance.

Capacity is, quite possibly, all you need.

  • Your documents are waiting

    An average loan will have hundreds of documents changing hands and those documents will be coming from all sorts of sources—from a Loan Origination Software like Encompass, documents and handouts that live in your cloud drive, or attachments that someone sent via email. Capacity can connect to every source so that any knowledge you need is always on hand.

  • Trusted, verified, up-to-date

    Most knowledge bases get old, fast. With the help of state-of-the-art AI, Capacity ensures that the intelligence in your knowledge base stays fresh. With feedback, human-in-the-loop assistance and verification systems, you can rest easy knowing that the answer you’re getting is correct.

Stop getting blocked, start closing loans.

Imagine how much more productive you’ll be with instant loan information, whenever and wherever you need it.

  • A forever full pipeline

    The time your loan officers spend training is time that isn’t spent making deals and closing loans. Getting your team members up to speed quickly so they can start closing deals is critical to making sure your loan pipeline stays full.

  • Turn the page on turnover

    There’s tremendous turnover in the mortgage industry (especially among loan officers). Many of them switch jobs to go to companies that offer the tools they need to better support their pipelines. With Capacity, you’re giving new hires and veterans instant, 24/7 access to every piece of actionable knowledge they need to get the job done. Your team will recognize the investment you’re making in their productivity, and they’ll thank you for it with their loyalty.