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Wealth management backed by knowledge management.


Instant access to knowledge means measurable ROI for your organization and a better experience for your clients.

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Surpass expectations.

High net worth individuals have high expectations, and their needs not only change over time, they vary greatly. You need an enterprise-grade platform that helps you organize and maintain an abundance of information, from a variety of sources.

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One source of truth

Whether you track your firm’s critical knowledge in a spreadsheets, CRMs, documents, or even in the minds of your team members—Capacity will connect to it all. You’ll always know who you’re paying and what you’re paying them for.

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Security fit for your clients

Our fully-auditable, secure platform features best-in-class encryption, GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2 compliance, and absolute data privacy for your organization. We take security as seriously as you take security.

a wealth manager asks the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question about guardianship services

Always-on support for your clients.

An image that shows Capacity answering a wealth management client's question about tax reform
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Instant answers, infinite Capacity

Your clients’ questions might peak during tax time or the end of the fiscal year, but that doesn’t mean you have any more time to answer them. Capacity never sleeps, and it doesn’t care what deadline is approaching.

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Easy accessible chat widget

Place our chat widget on your website to give your clients a convenient place to ask any question they may have, day or night. And if Capacity doesn’t have the answer, that question automatically gets routed to a human-in-the-loop.

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Quick implementation, even quicker ROI.

We’ve solved the modern workforce’s (and client’s) universal pain point—the need for instant, 24/7 access to knowledge. Capacity’s state-of-the-art technology connects apps, mines docs, and captures tacit knowledge, making for instant ROI.

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Get ahead of the next digital transformation

The next digital transformation is here, and it’s AI. Jumpstart your your firm’s next digital transformation with an AI-native knowledge sharing platform. Capacity was built on artificial intelligence—we’ve done the AI PoC so you don’t have to.

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Your go-to apps, under one roof

Capacity brings all your mission critical tools under one roof. The knowledge your team needs is now instantly accessible via their preferred interface, whether that’s Slack, Microsoft Teams, our web app, Chrome extension, or more.