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Real-Time Transcription

Stay efficient, secure, and accurate, using our Transcription Engine, fully equipped with an unconstrained grammar—SLM for any natural language application.

Strengthen Decision-Making and Improve Diverse Customer Experiences

Transform the spoken word, from a variety of languages and accents, into readable, understandable text enabling you to make better business decisions and boost your CX.

  • Accurate
    90%+ accurate. Well above other automated transcription tools and manual (human) transcription.
  • Affordable
    Over 150+ integrations help you cut costs by avoiding third-party transcription companies.
  • Future-Proof
    Built on the foundations of AI and Deep Neural Networks—and built to grow with you.
  • Seamless
    Real-time speech-to-text. Our ASR engine delivers high availability and extremely accurate transcription with no latency.


Real-Time Transcription

Use data from real-time transcription. Of the 80% of companies using ASR for transcription, less than 30% are using their findings to improve outcomes and drive new business decisions. Don’t be one of them.

  • Gain customer insights
  • Create upselling opportunities
  • Identify coaching moments

Easily Leverage Your Transcription Data to Drive Your Business Forward

In-House Transcription

Control your files. With in-house transcription, you can manage access and know files are private, secure and only available to you.

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Easy, private and secure with greater control over your files.

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Your data and information is protected and safe from fraud.

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Go deeper with your analytics—oversee the audio from start to finish.