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The Mortgage Collaborative saves 80 hours per event using AI and automation. 

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Of questions answered automatically

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Inquiries deflected per week

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Decrease in call center costs

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Questions answered per month

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YMCA of Greater Dayton serves members faster by deflecting 5900+ inquiries per week.

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NextMove responds to candidates faster while saving staff 200+ hours a week with Capacity.

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PRMG uses Capacity to support over 900 internal staff.

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Festival of Nations automatically answers over 90% of questions from event attendees.

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AnnieMac streamlines GSE search by answering 90% of LO questions with AI.

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V.I.P. Mortgage automates onboarding and underwriting with AI.

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West Community Credit Union reduces phone expenses by 20% with AI deflection.

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Maryville University answers 6000+ student questions with AI.

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Nationwide Mortgage Bankers boosts productivity by answering 3000+ staff questions with AI.

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