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V.I.P. Mortgage automates onboarding and underwriting with AI.


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V.I.P. Mortgage is a fast-growing mortgage lender with over 20 branches across the United States. Consistently landing at the top of industry rankings, V.I.P. Mortgage is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service, with the aim of helping as many people as possible achieve the dream of home ownership.


Because the company has grown so quickly, the pressure is on V.I.P. Mortgage staff to work efficiently and well. However, an influx of loan applications also means an influx of questions.

Before Capacity, staff struggled to find the right information to answer these questions in a timely manner. They had to pause their own work, and even each other’s, just to find relevant information—and leave borrowers hanging in the process. 

Plus, employees often had questions of their own. Documentation for onboarding, product training, and normal underwriting processes was scattered across multiple systems.

Most questions come from one-off scenarios, and those would end up going towards managers that are already busy. Capacity helps us give our sales and production staff full answers and links to resources with more information. That frees up time for managers, and now people can get answers in seconds, versus hours.

Amy Myllion, Pre-Closing Manager

It was difficult and time-consuming for staff to find answers they needed and get on with their day. Often, they had no idea who to even ask for help. 

Ultimately, V.I.P. Mortgage needed a way to increase team bandwidth and empower LOs to work smarter.


To support their team, V.I.P. Mortgage worked with Capacity to build an internal digital assistant, named “Ziggy.” 

They chose Capacity for a few reasons:

  1. Ziggy answers over 90% of inquiries, even when there are misspellings or incomplete phrases, meaning that busy employees can find real answers, no matter what.
  2. An integration with Encompass and Agency Guidelines allows V.I.P. to automate manual data entry, streamline origination processing, and even use generative AI to pull real-time, up-to-date GSE guidelines.
  3. Through Ziggy, staff can ask any work question, any time—even something as simple as, “Who should I ask about…?” New hires can learn new processes faster, and experienced team members have a single source of truth to reference.

Now, Ziggy is V.I.P. Mortgage’s key to HR process automation as an essential part of the onboarding process.

If a new employee has a question during their onboarding session, managers will help them ask Ziggy, demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of the tool. Managers also direct all new hires to Ziggy for essential training, policy, and product questions.


In a simple chat conversation, new and experienced V.I.P. Mortgage staff can simply ask Ziggy any question and expect to receive an accurate answer in under 2 seconds.

Rather than search scattered files and separate systems or ask a team member who already has a large workload, the team can use Ziggy as their personal digital assistant.

Plus, Capacity’s HR process automation abilities make it easier than ever to set up team members for success, so they can achieve more, faster.

In fact, since implementation, employee engagement with Ziggy has skyrocketed:

  • Every week, Ziggy receives 2,250+ questions
  • Using natural language processing and proprietary algorithms, Capacity’s AI answers over 90% of those questions
  • Over 300 V.I.P. Mortgage employees rely on Ziggy for quick, accurate support

Overall, Capacity is saving V.I.P. Mortgage teams hours of time and work, empowering them to scale their workload and serve more borrowers than ever.

We are seeing greater and greater success with [the questions answered by Capacity]. These are all questions that a live person did not have to answer for someone, so it’s a definite lift for all our teams.

Dana Haselip, Sales Support Manager


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