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The Ultimate AI-Powered Helpdesk

Our AI helpdesk makes it easy for your team to filter, organize, and respond to inbound inquiries. It’s like an email inbox, but enjoyable.


Unleash AI-Powered Support

Experience unmatched helpdesk efficiency with Capacity’s AI Response Enhancer.

Boost team performance and delight customers with lightning-fast, AI-assisted ticket resolutions. Don’t miss out on the future of customer support – transform your helpdesk with the power of AI today.



Stay Informed with Live Updates

Share knowledge—no matter what form that knowledge takes. Smart notifications will keep your team connected, engaged, and empowered.

  • Connect with Your Apps
    Keep your workflow, well, flowing. Hear from the apps you want to hear from, when and how you want to hear from them.
  • Stay in the Loop with Broadcasts
    Ensure you’re operating with the latest and most accurate knowledge to get the job done.
  • Know When Your Questions Get Answered
    Ask what you’ve got to ask, and get back to your work. You’ll be automatically updated when your question receives an answer.


User Permissions Fit for an Enterprise Outfit.

Specify which users have access to which information – whether by department, location, team, and member.

Get the Message Out

With broadcasts, you can schedule and send company-wide messages to everyone via their preferred communication channel. Rest easy knowing your team is getting the critical knowledge they need, when they need it.