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West Community Credit Union reduces phone expenses by 20% with AI deflection.


Increase in NPS


Reduction in Phone Expenses


Organic Member Growth

West Community Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. Since 1936, WCCU has worked to provide its members with the very best financial opportunities. Run by the community, for the community, WCCU operates nine branches in and around St. Louis, MO.


All too often, local credit unions have a reputation for using outdated technologies and processes. WCCU wanted to change that perception.

WCCU knew there was a better way to support their prospects and customers, no matter what they needed: a new loan, money management strategies, or branch information. But their team could only do so much.

Unable to find information, members constantly called and visited WCCU with the same questions. As a result, tellers and other support staff had to answer the same low-level questions over and over, rather than focusing on higher-level work.

They needed a modern solution to make banking more efficient for both members and employees. So WCCU turned to Capacity.


After building WCCU’s Knowledge Base, WCCU launched Capacity’s Concierge on their website. As soon as prospects or members visit the WCCU website, their Concierge (a.k.a. “Jane”) engages them.

In a small window on the homepage, visitors can use the Concierge to sign up for mobile banking, access quick links to promotions or new products, or ask any question they’d like—and get an answer. In fact, “Jane” answers over 90% of FAQs within just 2 seconds.

“When customers visit our website, they’re coming for knowledge, not just information. We would never let someone come into a branch office without being greeted or helped, so we’re using Capacity to ensure our website visitors get the same treatment.”

Jason Peach, President and CEO

Even if Capacity’s AI can’t answer a customer’s question, “Jane” will continue to assist them. She will either create a ticket or connect the user to a LiveChat agent, ensuring that customers can reach a human resource when they really need one. And with push notifications, employees know instantly when a customer needs help.

Whether website visitors want to find an ATM, explore the mortgage application process, or learn more about retirement planning, “Jane” is there to help. 

WCCU also decided to deploy “Jane” internally as a digital assistant for their team. Capacity now acts as a single source of truth for employees. All they have to do is ask, and “Jane” will give them up-to-date resources for company products, policies, benefits, and more.


Capacity and “Jane” have helped WCCU drastically improve their lead generation funnel, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. 

Rather than wait on hold or in line for low-level information, prospects and members can simply ask “Jane”. Instant, accurate answers help prospects feel more empowered to make financial decisions.

In fact, since putting the Capacity Concierge on their website, WCCU’s NPS scores have risen by 10 points, from 75 to 85. 

“In the banking industry, our workforce has to learn more and more, year after year because we continue to add various channels, products, and ways our team can access information and conduct a transaction. We introduced the Capacity platform to ensure our team has access to the information and knowledge they need.”

Jason Peach, President and CEO

What’s more, branch employees can now focus on more high-level work. With fewer repetitive questions to distract them, staff can complete projects that meet WCCU’s broader needs faster and more efficiently. “Jane” gives valuable time back to all WCCU teams, from tellers to HR.

Overall, since implementing Capacity,

  • “Jane” fields 2,000+ inquiries per month and deflects over 92% of them from WCCU staff
  • With lower call volume, WCCU has saved 20% in phone bill expenses
  • Growth in assets under management has risen by 40%

“Jane” helps WCCU offer their members the same supportive experience they’d get at any nationwide institution. Expenses have dropped, and team bandwidth has risen. With Capacity, it’s easier and faster than ever for WCCU to grow and serve their community.

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