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Seamless, Unified Support

With Capacity’s LiveChat and SMS features, you can jump into any conversation at just the right moment.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base


Breaking the broken record effect.

Your customers shouldn’t have to repeat themselves whenever their issue is escalated to a new level of support. They’ve made their case once, and once should be enough.

SMS and LiveChat empower your agents with chat history and support, so they can confidently pick up the conversation right where Capacity left off.

an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a financial services question and the platform answering using natural language processing
An illustration that shows how Capacity only enables the right team members to see certain information.

Supporting Teams, Big or Small.

No matter the size of your support team, our knowledge-sharing platform is designed to fit your needs, now- and scale with your org for years to come.

So, if your “team” consists of only one agent, Capacity can deliver the ROI you’ll need to scale up. On the other hand, if you’re running an enterprise contact center, it’ll give your agents the support they need to perfect the customer experience.


Fully Integrated, Fully Extensible.

Capacity’s LiveChat isn’t an isolated, one-off tool. Seamlessly integrated with our Knowledge Base, Guided Conversations, and Helpdesk, LiveChat is yet another element of a holistic support experience.

Robust level 0 support.

With features such as Guided Conversations, Chips, and dynamic forms, Capacity is able to handle most questions, most of the time.

Graceful escalation.

However, whenever Capacity can’t answer a particular question, it automatically escalates to level 1 (i.e., human) support via our Helpdesk.

The choice is yours.

In some cases, you’ll want to jump into the conversation. In other cases, you may opt to “take a message.” Whatever the case, you choose when a LiveChat is triggered.