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AI for IT

Finally, artificial intelligence fit for Information Technology.

an IT professional surrounded by application icons
an abstract illustration of an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform an IT related question

Shift left.

The more questions you can answer automatically, the less you have to escalate issues to Tier 2 and Tier 3 support—which costs significantly more.

Let Capacity act as your Tier 0 support, instantly and perpetually answering your teams’ most frequently asked questions.

Our machine learning models ensure that Capacity will be able to handle more complex questions over time, meaning the more IT uses it, the more IT can shift left—freeing up valuable time and resources for the whole department.

an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a financial services question and the platform answering using natural language processing

Remember Knowledge Management Systems?

Finding what you needed was a pain, and even if you were lucky enough to uncover it, you still had to fight your way through heaps of information just to get to the actual knowledge you were looking for. To make matters worse (if you somehow got that far) the knowledge was almost always outdated and irrelevant.

However, knowledge management systems didn’t fail because knowledge management systems don’t work—they failed because knowledge management doesn’t work. With Capacity, you can stop managing and start sharing.

An enterprise chatbot powered by industry leading NLP ensures that your team can ask everyday questions in everyday language. A human-in-the-loop CoPilot console and built-in machine learning ensures that the knowledge you’re getting is the knowledge you need.

Where do we start?

Capacity isn’t a knowledge sharing tool—it’s a knowledge sharing platform. Imagine what your team could do with an enterprise chatbot, patent pending document and spreadsheet mining tech, an AI-powered expert finder and workflow (RPA) builder, company-wide broadcasts with guided conversations, a human-in-the-loop CoPilot Console, and more.

Want to keep imagining? With Capacity, your imagination is the limit. Our industry standard API and developer platform make sure of that.

A question is asked and Capacity responds with four similar questions that it knows how to answer for specifying options.