Maximize Capacity.

Capacity’s powerful platform assists teams that are overwhelmed with tickets, emails, and repetitive tasks by automating support and business processes.

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Conversational AI has come to the Helpdesk

  • Grow revenue with lower costs.

    Reduce the time and money spent answering repetitive questions with a support automation platform that enables you to escalate from tier-0 to tier-1 support with ease.

  • Increase employee engagement.

    Employees are inundated with emails, phone calls, shoulder taps, and tickets. Empower your team with instant access to centralized knowledge, so your support team can focus on strategic goals and tasks that require higher-level thinking.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

    Customers have a lot of questions, and they want answers at all hours of the day, every day—including weekends and holidays. Give your customers the experience they deserve with instant access to all of their FAQs.

We’re helping teams do their best work.

With your entire organization connected via one platform, your team will be more productive than ever.

The power of the platform.

With Capacity, your team can focus on what matters the most. Support automation is not just a collection of products, but instead a harmonious AI powered platform that empowers you to:

  • Answer FAQs.

    Enable Capacity to answer questions and reduce the tickets in your support team’s queue. 

  • Automate processes.

    Handoff your team’s repetitive tasks to Capacity and increase productivity in cross-functional teams. 

  • Build solutions.

    Use insights from Capacity to empower your employees and drive improved results.

Our natural language processing is out-of-the-box AI for better support.

State-of-the-art natural language processing means your team and customers can talk to Capacity just as they would another person. No special syntax or code needed.

Capacity helps our clients leverage their organizations’ knowledge to increase revenue, heighten productivity, ensure compliance, and so much more.

Find out how each of them are increasing their company’s capacity.

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