Build better with AI-powered support.

Your client and team support can be as efficient as your other processes.

Give your customers the support they deserve.

If you’re anything like our clients, you have customers using your products in different countries, time zones, and hemispheres. If anyone of them experiences a problem, it’s crucial to give them a world-class customer experience.

  • Be there, no matter where they are

    You have customers using your products in different time zones, countries, and hemispheres. If any one of them experience a problem, it’s crucial to give them a world class customer experience regardless of their location.

  • The answers your customers need, 24/7

    Artificial intelligence never sleeps and doesn’t take weekends or holidays off. Having an AI-powered knowledge sharing platform at your disposal means that your customers’ questions will be answered, automatically, at all hours of the day.

  • Internal support for external support

    What does your support team do when they’re on the phone with a customer, and they need to know something ASAP? Empower your team with Capacity’s AI-assisted knowledge base to supply instant answers for any question a customer could have.

Keep all your orders in order.

  • Answers to questions, fast

    With so many orders going out, keeping track of everything can be a pain—especially if you’re dependent on an old, outdated ERP or database system to store all of that information.

  • Keep your data where it is

    With Capacity, your team can simply leave the data where it is. Just connect our platform to your organization’s knowledge, and your team will enjoy instant access to everything they need to keep things moving.

Instant onboarding, never-ending support.

There’s no need for your team to spend hours taking in information they’re likely going to forget. Capacity has all the knowledge they’ll need, available whenever and wherever they’ll need it.

  • Increased capacity from day one

    You don’t have months to onboard your employees, and they don’t want it to take that long anyhow. Empower them to be productive on from day one.

  • There when they need it

    Just upload all the knowledge an employee could ever need into Capacity—if they ever need assistance or a refresher on a particular FAQ, it’ll be at their fingertips.