Empower your employees with fully-integrated AI.

Capacity gives everyone on your team—from the top to bottom—the tools they need to do their best work.

Built with every role in mind.

Searching for information is a waste of time for anyone, no matter the role. Ensure all your employees are equipped with the tools they need to succeed by implementing intuitive, enterprise AI.

  • Support more than your managers

    Most productivity software is built for the manager’s benefit, to make it easier for them to monitor projects and their team’s progress. Capacity is AI for the entire organization, both management and team.

  • Focus on what your organization needs

    Capacity’s secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform was built holistically with the needs of the organization front and center. Welcome to the democratization of knowledge and technology access.

Know what you never would have known.

  • Not all experts have fancy titles

    Every organization has numerous subject matter experts, but they don’t always have titles that would make them identifiable as experts. That’s where Capacity comes in.

  • Share your team’s expertise

    Capacity takes in all sorts of information to identify who in your organization is the most knowledgeable in specific topics. When Capacity doesn’t know the answer, a subject matter expert can respond to inquiries in their wheelhouse.

Let’s see what your team can really do.

More than 90 percent of employees believe accessible productivity software will increase their work satisfaction and efficiency.

  • One central location

    No more switching from application to application dozens—and sometimes even thousands—of times per day. Give your organization one tool to access all the information they need.

  • Instant and accurate answers

    When you give your team access to a platform that lives where they work and follows wherever their workflow takes them, their productivity, satisfaction, and overall employee experience will never be the same.