Turn your documents into actionable data.

Finally, technology that can read your files better than you can!

Capacity’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) extracts key information from your files and adds it to your knowledge base for instant access.

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How you access your information is up to you.

Our customers share the documents they use on a regular basis, and we build templates to mine the data from the docs. Once the data is extracted, there are many options to access it.

Instant access to valuable details from every doc.

We understand that paperwork is something that’s hard to get away from in any industry, but we also understand the value of the information that lives within your documents. IDP simplifies how you access information from contracts, guidelines, briefs, RFPs, and more by cutting the physical document out of the picture.

Taught and verified.

Once the templates have been built, Capacity’s machine learning capabilities can identify the correct templates to categorize your uploaded documents.

The more you upload documents, verify templates, and provide feedback, the more accurate Capacity’s IDP will be. 

From static FAQ to dynamic dialogue.

Capacity’s IDP technology can generate question-and-answer pairs from a standard document. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a populated knowledge base that will empower your team and wow your clients.

When Capacity isn't sure, it makes sure, so you can be sure.

  • Questioning a question

    Some questions sound alike, but have very different answers. Capacity’s clarifier makes sure you access  the right knowledge you’re looking for, every time.

  • Cutting through the noise

    For massive portfolios of information and documentation, pinpointing exactly what your team members need is critical.