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“Partnering with Capacity was not only the right decision for us, but it was also one of the best decisions that have been made by this university. Capacity has enabled us at Maryville to implement the first digital human life coaches in the United States, and also to begin working with and serving students 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Dr. Mark Lombardi
President, Maryville University

“I would recommend Capacity to anyone looking to find better ways to serve their customers where and when their customers want to be served. Capacity is a great solution for any business that is looking to get better data out of its interaction with its customers through its digital channels, and any company that wants to help its workforce work smarter and not harder.”

Jason Peach
President and CEO, WCCU

“As a strategic digital transformation partner for our clients, we also need to deliver the same intelligent, seamless and touchless experience for our employees. The Capacity team is dedicated to their clients’ success. Other providers want customers to conform to a rigid platform, or they emphasize technology over the ability to generate value for end users. Capacity is more of a partner than provider, which aligns well with our own corporate culture.”

Sanjay Dutt
Global Head, Capability Development & Business HR Lead, EXL