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Instant access to your mission-critical sales tools.

Access to the knowledge and support you need to qualify, nurture, and close the deal.

Sales teams use Capacity for: 

Quick Access to Sales & Marketing Materials

Instant Answers to Prospects’ Objections

Pulling & Pushing Sales App Data

a sales professional surrounded by application icons
An illustration that shows application icons living in Capacity's platform

All your go-to apps, under one roof.


Sales teams are using more and more applications in their workflows. As valuable as these tools are, many sales teams struggle to fully learn and utilize all of them effectively. Logging in and out, switching from this app to that, remembering how to get data from one system and how to add data to another—it’s a direct path to diminishing returns.

Capacity brings all of these mission critical tools under one roof. The knowledge your sales team needs is now instantly accessible via their preferred interface, whether that’s Slack, Microsoft Teams, our web app, Chrome extension, or more.

an abstract illustration of the capacity knowledge sharing platform connecting with employees and applications

Keep your pipeline on the line.

Never again will your sales team have to utter the phrase, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” Instead, they’ll get back to their prospects right then and there, in real time.

Capacity connects to your apps, mines your documents and spreadsheets, and captures your org’s tacit knowledge. So, if anyone or anything in your org knows it, Capacity knows it, and your sales team knows it—whenever and wherever they need to know it.

Know what you’re selling.

Your sales team has enough on their plate without having to worry if the answers and collateral they’re sending to prospects is out-of-date.

Capacity’s AI-assisted knowledge base leverages machine learning, continually verifying that the critical intelligence it holds is up-to-date. Your sales team can rest assured that they always have the latest version of every piece of information, and they can be confident in always knowing exactly what they’re selling.

an illustration showing Capacity pull information from a Sales CMS to answer a question