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Automatic Speech Recognition at Scale

Accuracy and performance are foundational to our ASR, so you can easily build powerful speech applications.

Get ready for the best speech-enabled customer experiences yet.

Create efficient, quality customer experiences with our accurate, affordable speech recognition.

Accurately detect speech

Recognize multiple dialects and accents with a single ‘global’ language model. There is no need to implement individual language packs to support your diverse customer base.

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Improve user experience

Determine the top most-likely possibilities from your user’s call, even when they are spelling names or addresses. No repeating. No frustration.

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Rapidly deploy speech apps

Choose how to deploy your speech applications: on-premises, multi-cloud, or hybrid. Optimal results, right where you want them.


How Our ASR Works

Why Capacity is Different

Create efficient, quality customer experiences with our accurate, affordable speech recognition.

  • End-to-end DNN (Deep Neural Network) architecture
  • State-of-the-art speech recognition processing
  • Accelerated ability to add new languages and dialects
  • Serve a diverse base of users with our modern toolset’s expanded language model
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Illustration of chat bubble with sound waves inside, and green check mark suggesting the speech has been recognized

Speech Recognition in Action

Using transcribed audio, our solution understands human accents in any language model. It doesn’t need a complete phonetic lexicon for training new language models, so customers can easily extend and adapt our default language models.

Adding new language models or enhancing existing models is quicker than ever.

Pick your platform with our NLU gateway

Utilize our high-performing ASR Transcription engine with AI tools for all major intent engines. Speech recognition has never been easier, thanks to the compatibility afforded by our NLU gateway-powered ASR.

  • Value: No need for expensive professional services to upgrade or tune your applications–just use our NLU Gateway to integrate with the AI tools of your chosen intent engine
  • Scalability: Grow your business with state-of-the-art, proven ASR transcription capabilities. Our Media Server, with the NLU gateway extension, has processed billions of speech transactions–and counting.
  • Flexibility: Speech-enable all the applications you wish, without being tied to a specific intent engine. Our NLU Gateway lets you pick any combination of intent engines so you can utilize its ASR engine.
Three speech bubbles with voice waves inside. Each speech bubble is a different color to signify a different voice