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YMCA of Greater Dayton serves members faster by deflecting 5900+ inquiries per month.


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The YMCA of Greater Dayton serves over 200k members across 13 locations in the Dayton, Ohio area. Founded in 1870, Greater Dayton’s robust and passionate team works every day to improve the social, mental, and physical wellbeing of their Y members.


Like most YMCAs, Greater Dayton struggled to ensure their staff and members had all the right information. Questions about open hours, facilities, or memberships clogged the front desk and the call center. 

Ultimately, a lack of easily accessible information caused constant interruptions to staff work, as well as confusion and delays for members. As a non-profit, the YMCA of Greater Dayton needed to provide seamless experiences on both sides of the house—but they lacked the bandwidth and the tech.


First, Capacity integrated with Daxko, a member management software that helps Greater Dayton operate and organize Y activities. Next, Greater Dayton deployed Capacity’s AI-powered Concierge on their website, which provides resources and answers over 90% of questions.

Whether a member wants to see the schedule for one of Greater Dayton’s 13 locations or register for a summer program, they can do it through the website concierge—without involving a staff member. 

What’s more, since the concierge is connected to Greater Dayton’s Daxko records, processes that used to involve calls, emails, and front desk visits now take mere moments. Members have a single point of contact, powered by AI, that streamlines program signups, membership registration, and even password recovery.

“Our knowledge base [became] the first stop for all information. I love the flexibility and customization that each department can add. It is a fantastic way to distribute information as quickly as needed. Capacity has made this an easy transition, walking us through each step!”

Melissa Holland, Senior Membership Director

But wait—that’s not all. Greater Dayton also made Capacity’s AI knowledge base accessible to call center staff. When calls do come in, staff simply have to ask Capacity to resolve inquiries within a single interaction. Through a simple chat interface or internal Articles, staff can access company knowledge within seconds.


Capacity has helped Greater Dayton drastically reduce call and email volume. The combination of Capacity’s concierge, email interceptor, AI knowledge base, and integration with Daxko has helped to deflect over 90% of all inquiries away from YMCA call center and front desk staff.


  • Of the 5,900+ inquiries that Greater Dayton receives every month…
  • 90% are deflected from call center and front desk staff by Capacity’s AI
  • In less than 2 seconds

By integrating with Daxko, Capacity made it possible for the YMCA of Greater Dayton to serve more members than ever—and empower their staff—with modern, automated support.


  • Non-profit
  • Fitness

Use Cases

  • 24/7 member self-service
  • Call center support
  • Staff training and onboarding


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  • Front desk staff
  • Call center staff


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