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AnnieMac streamlines GSE search by answering 90% of LO questions with AI.


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With branches in over 35 states, AnnieMac Home Mortgage is one of the fastest-growing home lenders in the industry. Dedicated to quality services, support, and community involvement, AnnieMac strives to help everyone achieve the dream of homeownership.


Like other mortgage lenders, AnnieMac relied on slow, manual systems to originate and process loans.

Many of their processes were person-to-person interactions between borrowers, referral partners, and even other employees. Often, employees had the same repetitive questions—but to find answers, they still had to interrupt their own work and each other’s.

Plus, complex federal guidelines and regulations meant that LOs had to constantly search for specific details inside long, detailed documents.

As a result, questions tended to get buried in overwhelmed inboxes, and manual searches for information caused even more delays to the entire process.

Then AnnieMac had the chance to meet Capacity at a digital mortgage conference. At once, they saw how support automation could help their team work more efficiently and accurately.

“Once we saw the use case that Capacity had, which is simply taking all of the knowledge base, all the policies, all of the procedures, all of the mundane work that we do, and putting that at the fingertips of those that are asking those questions on a daily basis…It was a light bulb moment for us.”

Craig Ungaro, Chief Operating Officer


To implement Capacity’s generative AI for business, and build a Knowledge Base, our Customer Success team helped AnnieMac start small, with questions like “What’s our PTO policy?” or “What is the holiday schedule?”

To automate these questions, Capacity first integrated with MS Teams. Now, staff can simply talk to the AI (or “Annie”) in a simple 1:1 chat conversation. Within 2 seconds, “Annie” pulls information from its knowledge base and provides staff with accurate, relevant answers.

AnnieMac then expanded their Capacity use case to help teams perform more complex tasks and processes. Capacity’s GSE search enables LOs to ask “Annie” for any specific guidelines they need. The Cloud Drive also stores internal documents, such as overlays, for “Annie” to pull on behalf of LOs.

“Annie” can answer guideline inquiries within seconds, dramatically reducing the time that LOs spend searching for information. What’s more, with GSE search and Cloud Drive, LOs can be sure that they are always using the most up-to-date information, reducing the risk of error and costly delays.

“Our folks are always on the go. Having ‘Annie’ on MS Teams gives loan originators the freedom to ask questions in the moment, rather than capturing takeaways or following up in more archaic ways.”

Erika Savidge, Business Process Optimization Manager

Empowered with the information they need, right when they need it, AnnieMac’s loan originators and other staff feel more comfortable making decisions and working independently.


Since implementing Capacity’s generative AI for business, AnnieMac’s origination and lending process has become easier for all involved. “Annie” helps LOs and general staff use their time more productively and reduce costly errors.

The process of using Capacity has also been a creative, collaborative process for the team at AnnieMac. “My customer success manager has dedicated her time and her energy to ensure I feel comfortable and confident using the software. She allows me a level of freedom to express my creativity and let the concierge shine,” says Erika Savidge, Business Process Optimization Manager.

Of the 9,900+ inquiries that “Annie” receives every month:

  • Over 90% are answered by Annie and deflected from other teams
  • Within less than 2 seconds

As new products and tools roll out, “Annie” has become the go-to for questions. For example, when launching their Cash2Keys program, AnnieMac added all relevant information to their Capacity Knowledge Base for staff to reference. LOs were then able to use the mobile Teams app to quickly find out more about the product, accelerating their own work without distracting a team member.

Together, Capacity and AnnieMac are streamlining the lending process, reducing errors and delays, and boosting employee satisfaction.

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