PRMG Offers Support When it’s Needed Most

According to our most recent data, Capacity is deflecting more than 950 questions a week—saving PRMG teammates time and providing instant answers to their questions. Keep reading to discover how!

PRMG is on a mission to provide customers with innovative products, cutting edge technology, and industry-leading customer service.

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc. (PRMG) continues to be a leading lender in the mortgage industry for nearly two decades. As a privately held mortgage residential home lender, PRMG has successfully helped many borrowers purchase and refinance their homes throughout the United States. And PRMG made sure that didn’t stop during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to advance and streamline the lending process, answer all refinancing questions and concerns for their borrowers, and support their loan originators and operational employees along the way, PRMG went on the lookout for technology that it could use.

The PRMG team was actively looking for a solution where employees could access instant answers to their questions. “Capacity gained our attention through its ability to instantly provide loan information to staff’s fingertips via the AI bot,” shared PRMG’s VP of Products and Training, Lara Rausch. 

“We started a COVID-19 pilot with Capacity to get a feel for the experience and gauge our employee’s interest in using the tool”, said Lara. “Once the team provided positive feedback and we saw that it was easy to maintain and implement, we knew that we wanted to start using Capacity for day-to-day activities in the loan process.”

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