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AmeriSave Gets Personal With Borrowers Via Technology

According to our most recent data, Capacity is deflecting more than 27,700 questions a week—reducing wait times and creating a self-help channel where Amerisave customers have instant access to information. Keep reading to discover how!

AmeriSave relies on technology to provide personalization, low rates, transparent pricing, easy online applications, and great customer service.

For nearly two decades, AmeriSave has worked to build a company full of mortgage experts and people experts, because they understand that a mortgage is much more than a loan. By identifying that a mortgage could be a step towards the dream of homeownership, and a cash-out refinance could be a means to send your children to college, the team at AmeriSave realized the benefit of getting personal with their borrowers.

AmeriSave wanted to create a persona that would resonate with consumers. The best way to stand out in a crowded market and bring this persona to life was to give it an identity, personality, and the ability to answer questions. Now AmeriSave has a chatbot, which they call Aussie, that exudes their brand’s personality while effectively sharing important documents and information.

By leveraging AI mortgage support, AmeriSave can also leverage their support initiatives. “The questions in our industry can get very redundant, and when you’ve got tens of thousands of users, it’s likely that they’ll ask the same question multiple times a day,” said AmeriSave’s President of Wholesale Lending, Michael Brenning.

They understand that no one wants to be stuck on a phone line or wait for an email response. Consumers want immediate gratification, so creating a self-help channel where our customers can access instant and valuable answers was a big undertaking.

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