Next Move, Inc. provides instant, precise answers for candidates

Next Move, Inc. came to Capacity wanting to provide candidates with superior support. Since implementation, 92% of people who interact with Next Move’s Capacity bot get the answers they need without ever having to interact with a person.

“The number of users and the hours saved, I think is somewhere around 200 hours per week in responding to those candidates and inquiries. It can always be kind of scary honestly, to decide on a vendor and our experience with Capacity is that they absolutely have been worth every penny.”

Michael Dijak, Director of Allied Recruiting

Next Move, Inc is a healthcare staffing agency located in Kansas City, Missouri that serves candidates wishing to find travel nursing positions. They pride themselves on being the Midwest’s highest-paying travel nurse staffing agency.

The Problem Next Move, Inc. Faces

One constant challenge Next Move, Inc. encounters is making sure team members respond to candidates in a precise and quick manner. When a candidate reaches out to their team, there are various data points the candidates inquire about, such as pay, shift type, client facilities, etc. With thousands of jobs available at a time, Next Move, Inc.’s team was short on bandwidth, causing disruptions and a lack of timely replies to candidates and client facilities.

When you mix complex layers in different processes with several stakeholders involved, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Next Move, Inc.’s ultimate goal is to provide candidates and clients with the best possible service and outcome. Insert Capacity to the rescue!

The Capacity Solution

Capacity helps bridge the gap between candidates, clients, and the Next Move, Inc. team. Capacity is able to integrate with Next Move, Inc.’s most used systems, allowing information to be pulled instantly into their knowledge base. A Facebook Messenger integration was crucial for their team – allowing team members to interact with potential healthcare providers to find qualified, further down-the-funnel candidates.

In addition, Capacity’s conversational AI chatbot functionality allows candidates to get answers to their burning questions in a matter of seconds. 

Since launching Capacity, Next Move, Inc. has seen significant results, including:

  • An overall improved candidate experience
  • Saving team members 200 hours per week to focus on other more important tasks
  • Providing 24/7/365 candidate support
  • Increasing lead flow and candidate engagement through their website and Facebook Messenger

Overall, Next Move, Inc. has utilized Capacity’s platform to streamline their time-consuming tasks to save their team members valuable time, all while elevating the candidate and client experience. It’s a win-win scenario!

To learn more about Next Move, Inc.’s success with Capacity, watch the testimonial video!