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Never Miss a Marketing Opportunity with Campaigns

Engage customers and prospects with SMS and social.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform how they can get a new health insurance card

Marketing campaigns should be more connected

Today’s customers expect to move seamlessly between channels, which means your support and marketing need stronger connectivity. With Capacity, your team can proactively and efficiently market to large audiences, all in the same platform you use for support.

Harness opportunity on SMS

Whether you’re engaging one customer or many, Capacity’s SMS tools enable your team to grab every opportunity with single or multi-message drip campaigns to customers.

an abstract illustration of an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a customer support related question
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question it can't answer, then sending the unanswered question to copilot console

Retarget and reinforce messages on social

Capacity’s social tools can help ensure your messages are seen and heard. Deliver a follow-up message to a customer, or stay top-of-mind with a prospect on social media.


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