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More Accurate Speech Recognition to Improve Call Quality

Deliver higher quality service, reduce call time and improve time-to-resolution with improved speech recognition technology.

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a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform how they can get a new health insurance card

Increase customer satisfaction while driving down call times.

Inaccurate speech recognition frustrates customers and increases call times for agents. But with the right IVR technology, you can increase the performance of your whole system.

Detect speech and more to maximize efficiency.

Effective speech recognition can reduce call times and when coupled with Call Progress Analysis, detect answering machines. This enables routing to available agents or complaint voicemail delivery.

an abstract illustration of an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a customer support related question
Illustration of microphone with sound waves coming out

The value of strong speech recognition tools.

With a high level of speech recognition accuracy in our IVR technology, LumenVox by Capacity helps Contact Centers drive down operating costs, optimize agent efficiency and improve ROI.


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