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Reduce risks and increase productivity with an AI-powered knowledge base.

Save time, energy, and money with Capacity.

a legal professional surrounded by application icons
an abstract illustration of a legal professional asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a legal related question

Why search when you could ask?

The legal field is filled with documents full of critical knowledge. Instead of having to scour a document each time you need an answer it holds, why not simply ask it a question?

With Capacity, any knowledge that lives in your legal documents, spreadsheets, or web pages can be mined to provide instant answers to every question your team may have.

an abstract illustration of the capacity knowledge base being instantly updated with livesheet technology

Empowering everyone with effortless, intuitive compliance.

Internal legal teams can get overwhelmed by repeat questions about the actions that are (or are not) compliant with your organization’s regulations.

Capacity connects to your apps, mines your documents and spreadsheets, and captures the tacit knowledge of your org—making everything instantly accessible in one place.

Whenever a team member has a question about what they’re allowed to do, they can just ask Capacity. The rest of your team can focus on adding value to the firm.

Your legal process, optimized.

Legal processes tend to be repetitive. Tasks that require an individual to look for information, forward knowledge, and follow processes are ripe for automation.

Capacity makes it easy to begin automating the most tedious elements of your legal team’s daily workflow. The more mundane tasks are automated, the more value-added work is possible.

Let’s see what your team can really do.

an abstract illustration of the ability to create to-do lists in the capacity knowledge sharing platform