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Provide Benefits Info 24/7

Benefits are hard to understand and always changing. Provide employees with updated info 24/7.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform how they can get a new health insurance card

Free up your HR team

Benefits questions bog down HR teams 12 months a year, not just during open enrollment. And employees want quick, up-to-date responses. The right tools can create capacity for your HR pros to do higher level work.

Deliver employee resources with ease.

Benefits are important and complicated, but that doesn’t mean HR always has the answers (or time to respond). With Capacity, employees can easily access resources and ask as many questions as they want, all within your team’s platform of choice.

an abstract illustration of an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a customer support related question
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question it can't answer, then sending the unanswered question to copilot console

Update benefits details regularly.

Benefits details change and HR teams can’t always keep up, creating communications challenges. Capacity answers questions based on an easy-to-update Knowledge Base, ensuring employees are getting consistent and accurate answers.


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