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Make Customers More Human with an Intelligent Voice Assistant

Improve customer satisfaction with smarter listening tools for your Contact Center.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform how they can get a new health insurance card

Make customers feel heard to improve CX

Customers no longer want to press a button to navigate phone menus. They want to be heard…literally. Today’s Contact Centers need tools to listen.

Make the switch to speech

Ditch the touch tones for good. From text-to-speech to automatic speech recognition and semantic interpretation, LumenVox by Capacity offers the tools your team needs to effectively enable speech recognition in your Contact Center.

Illustration of microphone with sound waves coming out
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question it can't answer, then sending the unanswered question to copilot console

Optimize your Contact Center with speech recognition tools.

With the right speech recognition tools, your Contact Center can drive self-service adoption, increase ticket deflection and most importantly, increase customer satisfaction.


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