What's in store.

Capacity’s Cloud Drive takes cloud storage to a new level with AI and RPA.

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Greater than the sum of its parts.

Stop piecing together this or that app with yet another system to do yet another job. With Capacity, your cloud storage, knowledge management, and automation will all be under the same roof.

Ever talked to a document?

Capacity doesn’t just store documents. Capacity transforms documents into dynamic conversations. Simply upload a document into our Cloud Drive and quickly generate evergreen question-and-answer pairs.

You can rest assured knowing that whenever a document is updated, the answers your team and customers are receiving will be updated as well.

On a need-to-know basis.

Like all the knowledge that your organization stores and accesses through Capacity, our Cloud Drive follows robust, fully extensible permissions structures.

With Groups, the right people—whether that’s defined by their role, expertise, department, or geolocation—will be accessing the right information.

A well-documented Workflow.

Capacity’s suite of products work seamlessly together, and Cloud Drive is no different. All documents stored in Cloud Drive can be embedded in our Workflows.

This means that even work processes that are heavily reliant on documents can be easily automated. Onboarding employees, processing loans, and serving clients are now more streamlined than ever.