Know exactly which knowledge provides the most value to your organization with Capacity’s Analytics.

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Insight in a dashboard.

Our industry standard analytics dashboard makes it easy to track your team’s most frequently asked questions, which department or user asked what, any knowledge that needs refreshing, and more.

How'd we do?

Knowledge is only as powerful as the degree to which it’s shared. But how do you quantify “shared”?

Capacity Analytics show you which questions were instantly answered, which needed clarifying, and which were sent to your organization’s CoPilot.

Two AI-powered
thumbs up.

Think a piece of information isn’t helpful or is out-of-date? Just give the response a thumbs down.

Our machine learning and reinforcement learning help determine which knowledge is most useful for your organization, so you can continue to reap ROI.

DeLorean inside.

Travel back in time with DeLorean, Capacity’s dynamic conversational archive.

Easily pinpoint any Guided Conversations or Chips that are in need of tweaking. Determine exactly when your customers are disengaging. No matter the scenario, DeLorean sets organizations on a path of continual improvement.