A helpdesk that helps itself.

Your organization’s AI-powered switchboard. Effortlessly source, capture, and share knowledge.

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What solution will give your team and your clients the kind of experience they actually want?

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Automated Routing
Customizable Branding
Email Integration
Knowledge Base Management
Multi-Channel Communication
Network Monitoring
Real-Time Chat
Self-Service Portal
Ticket Management

No questions left behind.

There are so many different places employees and customers can ask questions—email, Slack, SMS, social media outlets—and the answers to these questions can live in so many different places, including in the minds of your team members.

Capacity makes answering questions easy. When the platform knows the answer to a question, it will immediately share it. If Capacity doesn’t know the answer, it will reach out to a human-in-the-loop CoPilot to get it, and then remember it from that point forward.

One-to-one comparisons.