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No questions left behind.

There are so many different places employees and customers can ask questions—email, Slack, SMS, social media outlets—and the answers to these questions can live in so many different places, including in the minds of your team members.

Capacity makes answering questions easy. When the platform knows the answer to a question, it will immediately share it. If Capacity doesn’t know the answer, it will reach out to a human-in-the-loop CoPilot to get it, and then remember it from that point forward.

What makes our helpdesk stand out.

There are a lot of helpdesks and ticketing systems available to empower support teams. These tools help teams increase productivity and efficiency. While having multiple options is a great problem to have, it’s important to choose a helpdesk that aids customer service and acts as a support system for your internal team.

Automated and intelligent responses.

The typical expectation for helpdesks and ticketing software includes a dashboard that enables teams to better manage their incoming tickets and questions. However, this typical platform doesn’t reduce the volume of inquiries your team receives.

Capacity is a new kind of helpdesk that offers a self-serve option for users, which can intercept the repetitive questions and tedious tasks that bog your team down. By deflecting these highly manual tasks, Capacity allows your team to work more efficiently and to focus on the questions and tasks that require their expertise.

Seamless escalation.

When questions come in that require a team member’s expertise, Capacity can reach out to a human-in-the-loop by seamlessly creating a ticket for an expert on your team to resolve the issue. The expert will reach out to the user with an answer and the answer will also be added to the Capacity knowledge base so human intervention isn’t required the next time that question is asked.

The more you and your team use Capacity, the smarter it will become. Capacity uses built-in machine learning feedback systems to refine the answers it shares. On average, Capacity can successfully answer more than 84% of all inquiries without human interaction.

Live chat capabilities.

For companies that want to take escalation a step further, Capacity offers LiveChat functionality. In the same scenario, when an internal or external user asks Capacity a question, ideally Capacity will have access to that information and get them their answer, enabling your users to self-serve. If Capacity doesn’t know the answer to their question, LiveChat enables a member of your team to seamlessly enter the chat and resolve the issue or answer the question.


Many helpdesks require a lot of recurring maintenance, which only replaces one problem with another. If you’re in an industry where information is always changing, it’s important to choose a helpdesk that can automatically keep your support material and knowledge base accurate and up to date.

Capacity can crawl pdf documents and provide answers to questions based on the information in those pdfs to lift the burden of maintaining data in multiple places.

Please browse the featured helpdesk options below. We made it a priority to share options and available features so users can efficiently compare products.

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