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Support Agent Success with AI Coaching

Tap AI to provide agents with the right words to say for faster and more effective ticket resolution.

abstract illustration of the Capacity knowledge base
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform how they can get a new health insurance card

Ticket resolution should be speedy and consistent

Neither customers nor agents want to spend a long time on the phone resolving issues. Too often agents don’t have the answers they need to get to a quick resolution. Customers get frustrated. Flow is stalled. It’s a losing situation for everyone.

Assist agents with AI-powered suggestions

Don’t leave your agents scrambling for answers. Capacity’s bot can guide agents with information directly from your knowledge base.

an abstract illustration of an employee asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a customer support related question
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question it can't answer, then sending the unanswered question to copilot console

Coaching agents for success and consistency

Capacity’s bot can coach agents on what to say, ensuring accurate issue resolution and a consistent customer experience, no matter who’s on the case. Answers are continually stored in the knowledge base, so your team gets smarter the longer you use our technology.


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