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5 Benefits of Helpdesk Software for Your Mortgage Company

Borrowers have plenty of choices of where to get a mortgage. A lender’s competitive advantage is often superior borrower service. Implementing additional mortgage software like a help desk enables businesses to elevate the borrower experience, from application to loan servicing. It’s not just borrowers who benefit from help desk solutions; the mortgage company itself can vastly improve its internal processes, too, ensuring more lucrative revenue streams.

Here are five benefits of using help desk software at a mortgage company.

Borrowers know who to call every time.

A help desk offers a one-stop solution for borrowers, regardless of their stage in the mortgage process. There’s no need to run down a list of contacts or face the dreaded maze of switching departments through automated call options. Instead, borrowers can return to the same help desk they used to apply when they need answers about paying off their mortgage.

Mortgage software, therefore, makes the borrower experience more pleasant, increasing the odds that borrowers will stick with the company for future purchases and refer it to friends and family who need similar financial products.

Borrowers get answers quickly, streamlining the application process.

Mortgage companies earn revenue from borrowers, so it makes sense to want to get as many qualified borrowers approved as quickly as possible. One benefit of help desk solution functionality is that it enables applicants to determine eligibility upfront. It also gives them an easy way to ask about the more complicated parts of the application process—like how to submit supportive documentation, what signatures must appear where, and so on.

With a ticketing system that logs and tracks each inquiry, a help desk solution makes sure every potential borrower can pick up right where they left off, even over multiple communications. They can contact customer support, get quick answers, and call back later with a follow-up—making the application journey more efficient.

Mortgage companies gather invaluable data to develop client communications.

As borrowers get their issues resolved, mortgage companies learn about customer needs. This data helps them develop marketing strategies to fuel growth. It also directly functions for client-facing communications. Knowing what borrowers need can help mortgage companies create relevant FAQs for websites. It also helps companies to decide how to allocate customer service resources and how to improve customer-facing processes.

One of those allocations could be to decide to have sophisticated AI—like an AI-powered chatbot—answer routine questions. When West Community Credit Union (WCCU) initially started working with Capacity, they expected to answer frequently asked questions, but they did not expect to get insight into their web traffic. “We use content management systems and Google Analytics, but Capacity enables us to see what the member needs,” said Koren Gruebel, VP of Marketing at WCCU. This has enabled her team to take that information and implement it in the marketing plans and objectives.

That kind of knowledge lets a company determine what people need to know—and, therefore, what information to include in proactive communications.

Mortgage companies funnel referral traffic to the right place.

A business gets online referral traffic or word-of-mouth recommendations to check them out. When new potential borrowers arrive at an unknown mortgage company website, they don’t have to waste time running through contact options—there is one place to go, and the hard work is done on the backend.

A help desk system helps direct inquiries to the right person effectively if the initial contact cannot fulfill the query. Borrowers who want to refinance have a straightforward route to the answers they need, which might differ from those of initial applicants.

Borrowers enjoy increased satisfaction over the lifetime of their mortgage.

Mortgage software improves the borrower experience. It ensures the mortgage company is there to troubleshoot issues with loan origination, repayment, refinancing, mortgage servicing, and more. This develops customer loyalty and, over time, increases the customer lifetime value (CLV) of the borrower to the mortgage company.

Borrower satisfaction has several positive side effects. Happy customers leave good reviews, improving the company’s online reputation. That drives more new clients to the business, generating more revenue for the company.

Talk to Capacity about help desk solutions.

Mortgage companies rely on client satisfaction to set them apart. Capacity’s AI-powered help desk solutions help businesses manage customer interaction with efficiency and speed. The Copilot Console is just one aspect of Capacity’s platform.

Discover how how customer service and communications are easier with the right technology behind them.

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