The path of least resistance.

Capacity’s Guided Conversations is next-level support, allowing customers and teams alike to intuitively and effectively choose their own path.

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We need to talk: your organization needs to talk.

For every complex question your team has, there’s
a guided path to a simple answer.

  • Branch out

    Create customized follow-up responses for your team. They aren’t looking for largely unhelpful, boilerplate information—they’re looking for the answer.

  • Control the conversation

    Your org’s CoPilots can easily create and customize any number of conversations to ensure that everyone is empowered to choose the path that fits their needs.

  • Don’t bake from scratch

    You won’t always need a bespoke Guided Conversation. If a conversation is working well for your organization, save it as a template for streamlined team engagement.

The choices are in the chips.

A question sometimes calls for multiple options to surface the most helpful answer. Capacity’s Chips allow you to create easy choices to suit any question.

Rest assured, you only have to create chips once—Capacity will display them correctly in whichever interface your team member or customer is using.

Keep your team activated with actionable Actions.

Conversations don’t have to end with an answer. With Actions, Capacity can push specific answers into systems of your teams’ choosing.

CoPilots can quickly and easily create these custom Actions and connect them to your organization’s go-to systems. Your teams’ workflows will go uninterrupted, and they’ll produce work that neither you nor they thought possible.