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Marketing Qualified support made simple.

Delight customers, impress prospects, and empower your department.

Marketing teams use Capacity for: 

Level 0 Support

Lead Generation

Actionable Data

A marketing professionals surrounded by application icons
a customer asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question about the status of their order

Show customers they made the right choice.

Customers want answers to their questions—but they want their answers on their terms. They might not be ready or willing to speak with a member of your team. Or, they may need an answer outside normal business hours.

Capacity meets your customers exactly where they are by answering all of their questions—day or night—without applying any unnecessary pressure. A delightful experience ensures that your customers are sure to remain that way.

A sale is just a qualified lead away.

With AI and NLP-powered Guided Conversations, Capacity can steer your site visitors in the direction you want them to go. If they ask a question that reveals an elevated interest in your product, the platform will automatically initiate your qualifying process.

Once your brand new lead is qualified, Capacity will send that valuable contact information where it’s most useful, whether a shared email inbox or a marketing application like HubSpot.

Capacity is answering a customer's question about subscription details
a marketing professional asking the capacity knowledge sharing platform a question about email marketing metrics

What you don’t know will cost you.

Marketing teams that are driven by data are in the driver’s seat. But data is only as good as it is accessible, intelligible, and digestible. When a member of your team wants a particular metric for the latest search campaign, that’s exactly what they want—no more, no less.

With Capacity, your marketing team will enjoy instant access to every bit of actionable data they could want, whenever and wherever they want it. No sifting through complex data visualization software, no logging in, no navigating. Just the knowledge they need, at their fingertips. Plus, if they’ve got a question about the data in question, they can ask Capacity to break it down for them.