5 benefits of guided decisions in a chatbot conversation

by | Jan 26, 2022

People increasingly expect to get their questions and user requests answered instantly. That’s why artificial intelligence bots are perfect for any business that wants to offer exceptional support.

AI chatbots provide accurate responses and 24/7 customer support without a human agent on call. This means that businesses can serve more customers in less time at a lower cost.

But what about when we need more than just a simple answer to a question? That’s where a guided decision chatbot comes into play. Guided decision bots reduce the time businesses spend on each customer inquiry by providing a path for people to find their own answers.

In this article, we’ll cover the customer experience benefits of guided decisions in a chatbot flow.

What is a guided decision conversation flow?

Guided decision bots, whether they are in Facebook Messenger or on a business website, work by offering suggestions and making recommendations for what the user should do next based on their input. A guided decision is a process that helps the user decide what action to take in a chatbot conversation flow. The chatbot dialogue assists by guiding the user through the process of selecting which options are available for them to choose from.

How does a guided decision conversational flow work?

The dialogue within a guided decision is structured with regard to the context of the conversation. AI bots lead the user through specific processes that are most relevant to their current needs. They also intuitively offer support by explaining concepts, actions, and steps along the way.

What are some examples of guided decisions in a chatbot script?

There are infinite opportunities for guiding the user through a flow that helps them accomplish their task. Here are just some examples of what AI chatbots using guided decisions can do:

  • Instantly respond to a user’s message on mobile devices or desktop and initiate a real conversation
  • Create an action plan by first asking questions about the user’s goals and budget, then providing suggestions based on those answers
  • Provide recommendations for which product users should purchase based on their specific needs
  • Create personalized content based on preferences the user has previously stated in a conversation
  • Help users find the optimal solution to their issue by guiding them through specific preset options
  • Provide links and other reference materials for users to use if they need more information
  • Follow a decision tree to cover each possible scenario
  • Make it easy for users to understand what their choices are by removing the need to make complex decisions
  • Solicit feedback from customer interactions
  • Deliver a natural conversation flow similar to a human live agent

Why are guided decisions important in a bot conversation flow?

A successful chatbot conversation flow means that users can accomplish their goals easier, faster, and more efficiently. No matter how complex or simple the task may be, when there is assistance behind each step, it becomes much easier for the user to have an enjoyable experience where they can feel confident in their choices.

What are the benefits of guided decisions in a chatbot conversation flow?

The guided decision process ensures that chatbots solve a user’s problem quickly with accurate information and options at every step of the chatbot flow.

They also:

Provide feedback to increase user engagement.

Asking the right questions leads to more accurate responses and a better understanding of the information users need. The chatbot can easily pinpoint what information is most important for customers by asking the right questions throughout the conversation flow. This way, AI chatbots can provide their users with the right information at every step of the conversation.

Reference past conversations and decrease user effort.

Every time users have to make a difficult choice, they are forced to spend more mental energy than necessary on completing tasks.

Guided decisions allow users to think less about what decision they need to make whenever it involves something complicated or challenging.

By making it easy for customers to make a decision, guided decision chatbots can reduce the overall effort required and reduce customer anxiety.

Bring clarity and simplicity to an otherwise complicated interface.

Guided decisions can take a complicated interface and simplify it so that users don’t have to come up with their own solutions.

This makes them more likely to use a product or service again because they don’t need to waste time trying to figure out how it works.

Give the customer more control over their chatbot experience.

When users feel like they’re in control and know what is expected of them, they are happier with the outcome.

By allowing chatbots to give guided decisions, customers can feel confident that the information they receive is accurate and relevant.

Meaningful conversations with messages that are relevant and personalized.

Guided decisions make the conversation flow with customers more meaningful.

Having this option helps organizations get rid of long, repetitive chatbot conversations and instead focus on engaging with users. As the user is provided with fewer options, each decision made is more meaningful and impactful, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Using chatbot flows for business advantage.

Implementing conversational dialogues with a chatbot script or Messenger bot is quickly becoming a must-have for any modern business wanting to provide customers with the best possible user experience.

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