Describe customer service vs. customer experience.

This is a common question. Where customer service may focus on a single interaction, customer experience (CX) encompasses every facet of their relationship with a company. CX will also include every touchpoint, such as their omni-channel experience.

A great customer experience  requires excellent service—but great service doesn’t guarantee a positive overall experience. For example, a customer may receive great service while shopping, but feel frustrated from a lack of support post-purchase. 

Though the client had quality service in the beginning, the overall CX was negative, due to issues after the sale.

As customer-centric cultures become standard, net promoter scores (NPS) and customer loyalty metrics typically improve. From answering questions during the buying process to making customers feel appreciated post-sale, CX strategy must encompass the entire relationship. 

While good customer service can exist within any one single interaction, the actual experience spans the entire customer journey.