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What Is the Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Experience?

The role of artificial intelligence in customer experience is a hot topic in enterprises, but many companies are still unsure how to get started.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a huge role in the customer experience, from scheduling appointments to answering product questions. The first step is understanding what AI can do for your business and where it’s most valuable. You can start thinking about how AI can fit with your existing business model and workflows.

Here are some benefits and use cases for using AI to improve the customer experience.

Natural language processing chatbots

One way companies are using AI to improve their customer experience is through automated assistant AI-powered chatbots. Many businesses have implemented a chatbot that can respond quickly to requests for support, answer basic questions about a product or service, and refer more complex questions to the right human agent.

These chatbots use natural language processing to accurately interpret what people are saying. Instead of requiring users to use specific keywords or commands, these AI assistants can understand queries in the language we use every day. These chatbots make customer interactions more accessible, faster, and effective for both parties.

Not only are AI-powered chatbots fast, but they also get smarter the more people interact with them. Machine learning allows companies to collect data about user behavior, then analyze this information to create a personalized experience that answers questions with increasing accuracy over time. 

Personalizing the customer experience

Other companies use AI to personalize the customer experience by creating dynamic content that knows what a specific person has purchased in the past, and can adjust recommendations to their preferences. This personalization allows an automated assistant to deliver unique, one-on-one customer experiences.

AI-powered machine learning is key to improving these personalization efforts over time, making recommendations for multiple customers based on past behavior.

Machine learning is also helpful in creating targeted campaigns and identifying which customer service channels are the most effective means of communicating with a given person.

Predictive lead scoring and analysis

One of the ways companies can use AI to improve the customer experience is to identify which leads are most likely to turn into customers, so sales teams have a better idea of where to focus their efforts. Marketing departments can use machine learning algorithms to sort through large amounts of customer data and determine what differentiates existing customers from prospects.

This predictive lead scoring and analysis can help companies prioritize their efforts and increase conversion rates by focusing on profitable customers.

Focusing on the customer experience instead of repetitive tasks

Artificial intelligence enables more efficient business processes while simultaneously empowering employees to focus on problem-solving tasks. AI allows employees to spend their time and energy on improving the customer experience instead of getting overwhelmed with  mundane tasks like data entry and answering repetitive customer questions.

Machine learning technology enables employees to handle exceptions better and work on more complicated tasks, allowing them to develop deeper relationships with customers.

Insights and analytics

AI can also help create more meaningful interactions by using the data gathered from human interactions and AI-driven algorithms to provide insights into customer behavior. With this information, organizations are better able to personalize their approach with customers.

This wealth of information also helps companies identify trends in customer behavior. It can provide valuable data which can be used for future planning.

The role of artificial intelligence in customer experience is always evolving as AI gets better at processing complex tasks. We’re confident that this technology will revolutionize how we communicate with customers and deliver services in the future.

How can your company improve the customer experience with AI?

Your customers need proper support. They want answers to solve their business challenges, but don’t want to wait on hold or navigate through a maze of phone menus.

Customers are frustrated by the lack of online help and support options available today. Most companies still rely on email for customer service,which can be frustrating to customers who need their problems solved immediately.

A support automation platform like Capacity helps give people what they expect from an online business – fast, relevant solutions. Capacity can answer more than 90% of your FAQs with an all-in-one helpdesk and reduce the tickets in your support team’s queue.

Capacity provides everything you need to automate support and business processes in one powerful platform so your team can focus on what matters the most.

Request a demo of Capacity today to improve the customer journey for your business.

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