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Why Choose Support Automation?

by | Dec 3, 2020

If you choose to ignore the opportunities presented by AI-based support automation, you may not thrive in the digital economy. Meanwhile, your competitors have taken the support automation plunge and are leaps and bounds ahead. Unquestionably, AI is not going to completely replace human support agents. Rather, it is a side-by-side protocol which will, in fact, create new roles for humans.

Simply put, humans like that support automation can assist with redundant tasks that were taking up too much of their valuable time anyway. Human employees can easily get burnt out when they’re forced to respond to the same inquiries, day in and day out. Support automation is the right solution for repetitive tasks and questions.

By utilizing Capacity’s support automation platform, you can deliver a customer experience that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without the aid of computerized systems. You can also understand how customers interact with your brand. And through detailed reporting and analysis, you can eventually predict what your customers will be searching for.

Unquestionably, AI is not going to completely replace human support agents. Rather, it is a side-by-side protocol which will, in fact, create new roles for humans.

What’s more, Capacity’s support automation platform is designed for an optimized omnichannel experience. When customers are seeking help, they know they can use more than one channel.

For instance, they might tweet their concern to your company’s social media page and then pull up a chat menu on your company website. Without question, the omnichannel is not going anywhere. Organizations who are not prepared to give the best customer experience, on any channel, will lose their competitive edge.

Further, when a customer reaches out to your social media page, then to your chatbot, they just don’t want to spend time repeating themselves. Let’s take this a bit further and clearly state that regardless of the scenario, no one likes having to repeat themselves. But how can you connect the platforms if support tickets are logged on different apps?

How can you prevent frustration if a customer is asked to repeat themselves? You can now depend on support automation to take over the manual CRM updates that your agents formerly had to execute.

Also, every minute your employees spend typing is a minute they are not spending with your customers. Capacity’s support automation platform can give your organization a 360-degree view of what occurs on every channel. And, your human agents can get a real-time view of important customer information.

Illustration showing Automation taking over manual CRM updates

There is a beauty in having customer data centralized, and not having to search for it on different systems and platforms. Your human staff spends less time typing and more time talking to clients.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, one of the benefits of Intelligent Automation that people may not expect will be new jobs. Usually, automation is associated with the loss of jobs by people who perform manual tasks. But some researchers would argue that, although innovation can displace some jobs, automation simultaneously creates even more new roles.

Some of these roles include support for the platform, engineering jobs, and other skilled positions created when overall productivity is improved. Naturally, when efficiency goes up then so will the demand for more skilled jobs that mandate creative and critical thinking.

With the advancements in AI and ML, your company can now eliminate responsive support and move into the more advantageous option of predictive support. Instead of just simply responding, you are instead taking the proactive approach—which is more desirable for contemporary customers. Your company can respond at any time, regardless of the day.

You also gain visibility and detailed insights which can help to find and eliminate bottlenecks. Once these are addressed, you can improve your support team’s performance levels.

Of course, there are some support inquiries that will either take time to respond to or will need to be escalated. These are the more complex issues. With support automation, you can immediately close tickets where a customer has not responded after a designated time frame. If the customer returns at a later date, the Capacity platform will quickly re-open the support ticket and assign the right priority level.

With our digital devices, AI, ML, and the Internet of Things, the world has become a much smaller place. It is crucial for companies to adapt and improve upon their current technologies to meet the needs of the modern customer.

For many companies, the only way they can remain competitive is to take advantage of the opportunities created by support automation. If resources are tight, this may be the only viable option. Unquestionably, having higher labor costs means a decrease in revenue.