An illustration depicting support automation. The illustration shows a man in a space-like digital landscape with information, data, and support tickets floating around him.

Intro to Support Automation

Invariably, many of us already automate our tasks on a daily basis. Consider how you manage your social life, your daily work routine, or even grocery shopping. Automation benefits every arena of life—and support automation is another addition to the list.

In the digital era, customers have learned to expect a faster and better experience. Further, they are much more aligned with the latest technologies and the digital devices that deliver the apps. So, naturally, they want more and they want it now.

If support automation is already a topic of interest, you may have perused current reports, studies, and news on the topic. What you may have found is a distinct transition from the trending robotic process automation (RPA) to AI-based automation. As business processes become increasingly complex, it makes sense that one of the biggest factors in digitization and digital transformation would be AI. Further, it makes even more sense when discussing the future of work.

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