State-of-the-art flow.

Capacity’s Workflows streamline everyday work processes to boost productivity and improve your org’s bottom line.

Simply put: automatic.

Optimization made easy with the power of advanced robotic processing automation (RPA).

Attended Automation
Code-Free Development
Drag-and-Drop UI
Integration into Third-Party Apps
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Native HelpDesk
Process Builder
Unattended Automation

The beauty of an AI-powered workflow.

On average, it takes 23 minutes to refocus on a task after one distraction. When teams are toggling between chats and project management tools, those distractions have a significant impact on productivity. At Capacity, we’re focused on helping teams do their best work, so we built a no-code offering dedicated to revolutionizing the way we work.

No code necessary.

Users can easily drag and drop their daily tasks into digital representations of manual procedures to outline steps and simplify repetitive processes. Gone are the days of questionable and vague processes. Create a game plan and share it with your team to follow it through to completion. 

Added layer of automation.

Capacity can also free up the mundane and repetitive work via workflow automation. Whether users are scheduling meetings, searching for files, creating tickets, managing leads, accessing information, or logging in and out of systems, you can assign a task to Capacity using app integrations built out with our Developer Platform. By assigning tickets directly to the Capacity bot, you can automate the vast majority of your workflows.

Multi-faceted support.

Workflows can manage tasks necessary for employees, customers, and among departments. Regardless of how you slice it, workflows have an immediate impact on an organization’s bottom line, by offering teams the ability to take complex processes and map them directly into the solution.

Unlimited combinations.

Workflows are the only tool that combines chat, support automation, and application integration into one seamless solution to help teams manage workloads and everyday processes more efficiently.  

Emboldened teamwork.

Using our Workflows Builder, it’s easy to outline a process that requires multiple stakeholders, assign new tasks to those stakeholders, and assign steps to Capacity to complete. Setting up a workflow is as simple as naming the task, adding a description, and assigning it to the responsible party. 

Visible progress.

By using the ticket system within our Helpdesk, teams will know how tasks are progressing, who is responsible, and if there are any roadblocks in the process. Having visibility and accountability ensures everyone is on the same page when completing a workflow together. 

Prompt notifications.

When tasks are completed by teammates or Capacity, you can also add actions, approvals, Guided Conversations, and Notifications to the process you’re working through. This ensures that there are no lags in-between steps. Whether there are handoffs between teams or you’re picking up a task after automation, everyone can stay up-to-date.

Powered by RPA.

Capacity’s RPA-powered Workflows tool makes optimizing your organization’s operations simple. RPA’s ability to infinitely execute tasks with absolute precision is a game-changer. If businesses are looking to curtail human error in tightly-controlled activities, Capacity will be there to pick up the slack.

Easy as one, two, three.

Until now, the ability to automate work processes has been reserved for experts and engineers. Capacity’s RPA-powered Workflows tool makes optimizing your organization’s operations simple.

  • One: Digitize your process.

    Our Workflows builder enables you to create digital representations of physical processes. In short, you can put the offline online.

  • Two: Assign the Capacity bot.

    With 50+ app integrations (and counting) and an industry-standard Developer Platform, you can assign more and more tasks to the Capacity bot over time.

  • Three: Track your progress.

    Capacity’s best-in-class Helpdesk and analytics empower teams to easily track and continually improve each workflow.

One-to-one comparisons.